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Within our series on independent living we looked at the importance of artwork in communal settings as a means of creating a positive connection by transforming a “space” into a “place”. One example of how we approach this can be seen in a project we had the pleasure to work on for a high-end senior living provider. Their vision was built entirely around celebrating their residents as the heart of their community. It was decided early on that artwork would play a vital role in this project, with an emphasis on image selection to best support this vision.
Independent Living
The requirements for the art program were that the art must be a reflection of the residents; vibrant, energetic, and full of life and curiosity. The art must be able to carry the space it's in and must be able to serve as the focal point, or points, within the space. Finally, the art must deeply engage through both color and imagery.
Independent Living
Our design team was able to fulfill these requirements with a wide variety of artwork. Vibrant abstract photography was used in both transitional and communal spaces, such as hallways and lounges. The saturated colors coupled with perspectives that transform the familiar into something new reflect an eagerness to explore new horizons and new ideas. 
By Ann Collins
Macro photography provided deeply engaging imagery revealing previously unseen details in everyday objects.  They serve as a reflection and reminder of the rich and beautiful lives that are a part of each resident’s story.
By Tim Fitzharris
Finally, abstract art, known for its ability to communicate emotion and mood through color, shape, and form, was used to infuse energy and feeling, while simultaneously engaging the mind and the imagination. 
By Tim Fitzharris
We bring this same focus and detail to each project we take on. Our job as designers is to create spaces that reflect the personality, interest, and uniqueness of each community. There’s no room for cookie-cutter solutions. 

What are your current project requirements, and how can we make your vision a reality?


Tina Baia
Marketing Manager