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Communal areas in independent living typically support connections between people and their environment. Artwork in a communal setting can support the creation of a positive connection by transforming a ‘space’ into a ‘place’. 
Independent Living
Our recent curated collection, inspired by the culture and landscape of Utah, can add texture and provide sensory pleasure while communicating and inspiring stories that promote imaginative and emotional engagement.
by Chris Paschke
by Chris Paschke
"Brown Geometric II" and "Orange Geometric II", by Chris Paschke 
Together these abstract geometrics were chosen for the manner in which their shapes and colors mimic forms and striations in the rocks of iconic natural heritage like the Monument Valley Candle Formation, an image of which is also included in the collection. In this case, these abstractions become subtle biophilic designs that reinforce a sense of connection with the distinct geography of the region, and as a result provide a sense of place.
By Ann Collins
"Monument Valley, candle formation" by Ann Collins
Cactus flowers are a common natural sight and this photo was chosen for the evocativeness of the perspective and its composition: the downward view invokes a moment of discovery as a person moves along a path or other area; and the triangular arrangement of flowers invokes compositional structures that were used by old masters in traditional European painting, giving it a classical feel even though it’s contemporary.
By Tim Fitzharris
"Plains Pricklypear Arches, National Park, Utah" by Tim Fitzharris
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Jeelan Bilal-Gore
Director of Art