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Designing an art program for memory care offers an opportunity to provide positive distractions, help orientate people spatially and socially, and enhance beneficial environmental interventions that seek to provide the best conditions for people with dementia and those that care for them. One thing to consider in this design is how sound affects patients with dementia or other memory care diagnosis. But what role can art play in the acoustics of a space?
There is one substrate in particular that can answer that question - acoustic tiles. Combining commercial-grade sound diminishing material with artwork creates a space that reduces stress, anxiety, and distractions, while increasing feelings of well-being, focus, and productivity.
“People with dementia are particularly affected by the acoustic environment. While people with dementia might have normal hearing, they can lose the ability to interpret what they hear accurately. As such, the amount, type and variety of noise a person with dementia is exposed to needs to be carefully regulated, as over or under exposure to noise can cause confusion, illusions, frustration and agitation” (Hayne and Fleming, 2014).
Great American Art utilizes a commercial-grade acoustic material made with ECOSE® Technology. It features excellent sound absorption characteristics and is manufactured using rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. The acoustic material contains no phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics, or artificial colors. Artwork is giclée printed and bound to the acoustic tile using methods specifically designed to minimize long-term stretching and wear.
Any photographic image from our portfolio can be used to create an acoustic tile, making for a wealth of options to create something that will make a significant impact in any design. This multifunctional solution can be framed, or left to look like gallery wrapped canvas, offering all the benefits of artwork as well as noise lessening capabilities.
For more information on our acoustic tile offering head over to our website. You can also reply directly to this email to request an acoustic tile survey to help determine the recommended amount of acoustic tile needed in your space, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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Tina Baia
Marketing Manager